M.M. Miller

Forestry Commission Offices

Smithton, Inverness

Project Value: £1.2m

Project Overview

We were contracted to construct a new 646m2, two storey sustainable office block. The building was designed to BREEAM offices 2004 ‘excellent’ standards. For this project, the principles of sustainability were embraced from the outset and integrated into the design approach; in turn, these influenced the design decisions, which included choice of materials, source, and the ability of local labour to work effectively with these sustainable materials.

Looking Closer

During the process, significant steps were taken to engage with the community, including site visits by local school children to encourage them to consider the construction industry as a career. We also donated surplus large section timbers to the local school craft classes, and gave off-cuts of timber to local pensioners as kindling for their open fires.

Awards & Acknowledgements

Winner of the RICS Sustainability Awards for Scotland in 2008.