M.M. Miller

New Firing Range

We are pleased to announce we have been awarded the contract to construct the new firing range and training facility at Dounreay.

On the Dounreay Nuclear Establishment site we have refurbished laboratories and the training centre, built the PFR Effluent Treatment Plant building and carried out all building and joinery works on the prestigious D2003 office block. We have also roofs with liquid Plastics systems coatings. Successfully working on the Dounreay site is evidence of our capabilities in working to extremely high standards of Health & Safety and to stringent construction parameters.

Being involved in the ongoing decommissioning process at the Dounreay Nuclear Establishment site has seen MM Miller carry out many civil engineering tasks, often in difficult locations - consrtuction of concrete bases for a ventilation system, excavating a 7m deep pit in rock adjacent to an existing building, construction of concrete bases and bund walls for an oil storage facility and demolition of various redundant buildings.

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